Why Women Should Use Sex Toys To Satisfy Themselves Anytime And Anywhere

Every woman has been there, either you have been single for too long or are going to start looking for a new man right away after a break up because you are sexually frustrated and we all need a way to enjoy ourselves and get a release.

Before you go out looking for a man, what if we told you that you are actually better off, without one.

I know, shocking.

Do not gasp just yet, there are actually a lot of good reasons why a woman should use sex toys in their every day lifestyle to satisfy all of their needs in the bedroom.

Women know what they like.

This is a big thing for every woman, trying to explain to a man what exactly it is that you need to be happy when it comes to sex.

Well, when you take it upon yourself to make sure that everything gets done right, you never have to worry about whether you are going to enjoy it or not.

It is a good way to explore what you like sexually.

This might seem like something that only makes sense with another partner involved, but investigation into sexual satisfaction can sometimes get a little bit awkward and embarrassing if the other player is not as daring or exotic as you are.

If you have always wanted to try something to pleasure yourself, or thought that something you once read in a book or saw on the television might be for you, trying it alone in the comfort of your own home is always the best option.

A great example of this is the numerous women who are interested in squirting, which is basically the release of vaginal fluid upon orgasm.

Not only can it be uncomfortable to squirt for the first time when a partner is present with you, but the fact of the matter is simply that squirting is almost impossible without the use of sex toys in the first place.

It also gives you the ability to find out what your soft and hard limits are, without upsetting your companion, there are some people who get very frustrated if you are new to certain sexual activities; people take their sex very seriously and so should you!

It is an important part of womanhood and being comfortable in your own body.

The freedom of no pressure.

There are some times that you might just want a fast, ‘let’s get to the good part’ so I can get up for work in the morning and other times where you want to go for hours.

No matter what mode you are in, you never have to worry about someone else not being able to keep up with you or wanting more, because you are the only one who is needed to be pleased.

Plus, you can have sex anytime, practically anywhere you want, all by yourself.

How great is that!

You are in full control.

This is a very important reason to use toys to pleasure yourself, you never have to worry about someone else being too rough or not respecting your body or wishes.

It might sound silly to some, but this is a very real situation that many women find themselves in every single day.

No STD scares.

When you are aware of where your toys, hands and other sexual pleasures have been, you have no need to worry about catching something that you do not want to have like an STD.

There are many women who swear, ‘it will never happen to me.’

Choosing to pleasure yourself, instead of jumping partners, is a way to ensure your health; which is a very important thing when it comes to respecting yourself as the beautiful woman that you are.

Next time you are feeling in the mood, do not call your ex or the random guy at the bar you met last Tuesday.

Reach into the drawer next to your bed, there are many benefits of sex toys, a lot of women are already enjoying the freedom; you should as well.